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The first two books on this page are my books on the Cord. The others are on other automotive subjects. All are now out of print. You can still find them on amazon.com, mostly used editions selling at inflated prices. Just click next to the book cover.

The reviews are modestly excerpted from magazines.

Cord 810/812
The Timeless Classic
Josh B. Malks
Krause Publications
Iola, Wisconsin
8 1/2 X 11
272 pages
hardcover $34.95
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. . . first-class all the way. The result is that the reader now lusts after a Cord.

Strother MacMinn, Road & Track

Erudite, readable, well illustrated, well researched. . . the definitive volume on this elegant and impressive car.

Mike McCarthy, Classic & Sportscar (UK)

. . . a concise, precise, careful and thoughtful appraisal of the genesis, character and history of the Cord 810/812 cars.

Karl Ludvigsen, SAH Monthly

Auburn & Cord
Lee Beck & Josh B. Malks
Motorbooks International
Osceola, Wisconsin
10 X 10
160 pages
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. . . A good book and should gain wide appeal.

Keith Marvin, SAH Journal

. . . masterful. . . regal. . .

Gerald Perschbacher, Old Cars Weekly

How To Maintain & Enjoy Your Collector Car
Josh B. Malks
Motorbooks International
Osceola, Wisconsin
8 1/2 X 11
160 pages
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There hasn't been anything quite like this published before. . . invaluable to any collector car owner. . .

Bill Cannon, Skinned Knuckles

. . straightforward . . . this book becomes a necessity.

Sports Car Market

The Illustrated Duesenberg Buyers Guide
Josh B. Malks
Motorbooks International
Osceola, Wisconsin
7 1/2 X 9 1/2
128 pages
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. . . lively, skillful, funny, opinionated and creative. . . a corrective and clarifying history.

Gregg Buttermore, SAH Journal

. . . a worthy publication . . . a considerable amount of varied material.

Keith Marvin, The Bulb Horn