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You'll sometimes come across these books on eBay and at swap meets and literature sales. They should be in every Cord lover's library.

The Classic Cord
Dan R. Post
Dan R. Post Publications
Arcadia, California
8 1/2 X 11
160 pages
Softcover (shown) and Hardcover

This is the granddaddy of books on the Cord. It included a chapter on the L-29, but most of the pages dealt with the 810 and 812. These consisted mostly of reprints of factory PR and owner's manual material, as well as information for salesmen and contemporary publications.

The book went through several printings, with prices rising in small increments.

Most of the text was by Eugene Jaderquist, with marginal notes by publisher Dan Post. (Dan had a marvelous style, but sometimes embellished 'facts' as he went along.)

We early Cord addicts devoured this book --- it was all we had. Find one of these, if you can. They still turn up at flea markets.

Huntington hardcover

The Cord Front Drive
Roger Huntington, SAE
1957 by Floyd Clymer Publications (softcover)
Los Angeles, California
1975 by Motorbooks International (hardcover)
Minneapolis, Minnesota
5 1/2 X 8 1/2
224 pages

First issued by Floyd Clymer Publications, this small book was written with Huntington's trademark flair. There's a chapter on the L-29, and much reprinting of factory material. The 1975 version includes Huntington's views on the ACD Club and on later Cord vendors.

Most interesting, in my opinion, are the comments shared with the author by

Cord owners in the 1950s. Some of them are priceless.

Huntington was an automotive engineer and a Cord fan. His partisanship shows, so keep a grain or two of salt on hand. If you can find a copy of this book, enjoy it for its entertainment value.

owners companion small

Cord Owner's Companion
Dan R. Post
Post-Era Books
Arcadia, California
6 1/4 X 9 1/4
222 pages

Dan Post described this volume as an interim piece, while he was completing his book on the 810/812 Cord. He never finished that one, but this little book is a gem in its own right. It brings together a great deal of original material published

in what Post calls the eras of "The Original Owner", "The Dealership", "The Orphaned Owner", and "The Restorer".

Fun reading, and an excellent resource.

EL Cord book small

Errett Lobban Cord: His Empire, His Motorcars
Griffith Borgeson
Automobile Quarterly Publications
Princeton, New Jersey
11 X 17, horizontal format
280 pages
Leatherbound, hand-signed and numbered by the author

This massive undertaking is the most comprehensive history ever done of entrepreneur E. L. Cord. It was grandly printed and bound, and published in a limited edition of about 2,500 copies. It sold originally for $395, a very handsome sum in those days.

The story of the birth and death of the 810 and 812 is given substantial space.

Borgeson wrote before certain new facts came to light, so some of his history differs from that found in later volumes. This in no way diminishes the grandeur of this outstanding work.

Occasionally a copy comes up for sale on eBay.  Mostly, they change hands quietly among enthusiasts. A cheaper version has recently been offered by the publisher.

Rolling Sculpture
Gordon M. Buehrig & William S. Jackson
Haessner Publishing, Inc.
Newfoundland, New Jersey
8 1/2 X 11
192 pages

Gordon Buehrig's autobiography, 'as told to' William Jackson, covers his lifelong involvement with auto styling and body engineering.

Fascinating insights into how custom body companies designed and built their products mingle with Buehrig's interesting opinions on how they should have done it.

Buehrig's role in the creation of the Cord 810 is featured. He makes reference to all

tthose who took part in the enterprise, and gives full credit where due.

A few of Buehrig's recollections differ from the evidence of documents of the era, but a man can't be expected to remember everything! We should be thankful for those special insights this book gives us, as told by a remarkable figure in the history of the automobile.

Auburn Cord Duesenberg
Don Butler
Motorbooks International
Osceola, Wisconsin
8 1/2 X 11
360 pages

Author and artist Don Butler had amassed a huge collection of photos, intended to illustrate this book. At the time of his death in 1991 he had also made copious notes on the intended text.

The book was completed by his friends, several of them noted automotive historians in their

own right. But they lacked Don's intimate knowledge of his subject, so some errors have crept into the Cord section.

Enjoy the many photos and drawings. Check the text against other sources.


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