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We shipped the Cord from Oakland, California in a sealed container. My broker, Michael McCaffrey of McCaffrey International, worked with shipping agent Charlotte Jenkins of International Triax. They specialize in shipping collector cars. If you live in the area, I highly recommend them both.

At Triax, the Cord was examined for visible damage, and a number marked on the windshield. I drove the car into the container myself. Wood blocks were nailed into the container floors, to brace the tires so the car wouldn't move.

The container was closed and sealed (yes, I got out first). Soon afterward, it was hauled to the dock, where it was loaded into the freighter Marchen Maersk, bound for Miami, LeHavre and Felixstowe, England.

The Cord's 'cruise', including the passage through the Panama Canal and all stops, took 21 days. (I was able to follow its progress on Maersk Line's website.)

In Felixstowe, agent Colin Moles and broker Gordon Palmer had the Cord removed from its container, and got it through customs. Colin then trailered it to his shop, and delivered it under its own power to our hotel in London.

Be sure to purchase maritime insurance to cover the car during transit. You'll also need liability insurance while you're abroad. A good agent can walk you through this process. I used Michael I Mandell, Inc. of New York, and was very satisfied




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